How do you want to make a difference forever?

Regardless of your beliefs or values, the desire to make a difference is universal.  We want to matter. Some of us are looking for a sense of meaning and purpose. Others just want to ensure their gifts are thoughtful and impactful.

Giving is personal. At its best, giving reflects the values, philosophy and life experiences of the giver.

Giving often requires courage and a willingness to be vulnerable, since making a gift requires that one cares – and dares to make a difference.

Giving Matters can help you…

  • Clarify your vision for making a difference
  • Identify high-performing nonprofit partners that are making a long-lasting, significant difference in ways that matter most to you
  • Facilitate communication by drafting agreements to ensure your expectations and the nonprofits’ responsibilities are understood

Our client-centered approach ensures that your charitable dollars make a difference in ways that are meaningful, measurable and long lasting. Giving Matters is the bridge between your dreams and results.

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